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I got my herpes at a very young age when my mother kissed near my eye when she had an outbreak on her lip. Not only no i have it in my eye but the herpes decided to go to my genitals after sometime. i am having my second large outbreak down south. the oozing blisters are very big and on the inside of my inner labia right near my vaginal opening. the area is always very moist and it's very veeery hard to keep the blisters dry. what i do for that is every hour or so i'll go to the bathroom open myself up and blow dry them using the low setting. for going to the bathroom you should do it in the shower or fill a tub with water. it will still sting but at lest you can wash it out quickly. what has also been helping with the pain is 600-800mg of Ibuprofen and sitz baths with 2 packets of Domedoro in them. Ice also helps the pain too. My problem is that the blisters touch and tho i am blow drying them they are still getting all moist and then start oozing again.they are getting bigger there used to be 4(2 on get labia) but now its just 2 very big ones. is there a better why to keep them dry? to get them to heal faster and not get bigger?

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Staying Positive


Im sorry to hear what happened. Try ASV which is short for Apple Cidar Vinegar. It may sting a little at first but your body will get accustomed to it very quickly. It is also good for taking away the extra moisture. Also drink some hot tea and about 2 cap fulls of ASV with your breakfast or before you go to bed. It will help keep future breakouts from flaring up so bad. This should take out a lot of the extra things that you arw doing as well as cut down on the expenses of the meds. If you get a chance, google 'is apple cidar good for herpes'. You will see tons of testimonies. Best of luck to you :)

Staying Positive

Sorry about that... I meant ACV.


Bless your heart. Try 1000 mg of VitC go to they are gel packs. I put the gel directly on my lesions and all around my vagina, as well as my lower back. Be well and keep the faith


Manuka honey. :) Trust me. Research and see the amazing wonders it does. Any health food store. About $20/ bottle. Blessings!

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