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30 Weeks pregnant. I ended up with a bladder infection so they gave me a strong dose of IV Antibiotics and then sent me home with some. The bladder infection cleared up after three days, but even only taking half a dose I still got a yeast infection. It's the only time I get them. Thanks to you ladies I finally have some relief! The RX treatment just made me raw on top of being itchy.
-I iced (with a bag and wash cloth) my vagina for 10 minutes to help reduce swelling.
-Then I rinsed inside and out with sterile saline.
-Then insert a large garlic clove sewn on a string inside.
-Then finely chopped up garlic and mixed it up coconut oil and rubbed it on the labia and surrounding parts.
It's mildly uncomfortable, but it doesn't burn for me. It feels like a 'good' burn so to speak. I mixed some chopped garlic with boiled water and lightly soaked a pad with it. Currently no more itch!! Maybe I can finally get some sleep now!
My yeast infection is more external than internal.

Previously I have use Propolis tincture and AZO cranberry pills orally. My local bee keeper shut down shop so I don't have access to fresh Propolis anymore. The health food store ones used Grain Alcohol instead of oil, so I didn't want to take a gamble and put that on my lady bits.

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