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Been having major trouble sleeping the last few nights due to a cracked tooth that has developed a nasty cavity (down to the nerve).
Stumbled across this site, and sat in pain for almost an hour going over remedies and what I could possibly try with our stock.
First off, took some ibuprofen. Then, I gargles with a 2/3 mouthwash, 1/3 hydrogen peroxide, keeping it off the tooth until the liquid had warmed. Brushed with Sensodyne Extra Whitening toothpaste, focusing on the area and being abrasive without being too rough. (Gums did bleed, but that's a different issue.) Gargled again with mouthwash/hydrogen peroxide mixture.
Most of my pain is gone already, but comes back in small (and much more manageable) pulses.
My next try is black tea, which I heard can help similarly to peppermint tea. Thank you for the wonderful ideas, everyone!

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