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I have a broken wisdom tooth with nerve pulp exposed. Oh my god the pain is horrendous to the point of walking around trying to find a pair of pliers and a Stanley knife to get the git out myself!
I tried everything to dull the pain just enough so I could sleep.
Honestly try this:

Any mouthwash that contains chlorhexadine!
Put 10 ml un diluted into mouth and hold for 5 mins over affected tooth.then spit out. Do not rinse your mouth after(although it tastes awful) It stings like hell at first but it does infact work!
Repeat as necessary x

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Thank u!!!


Hey !!!! thanks very much and I dont even care if you are an ambassador for corsodyl the stuff works and at £5.19 a bottle it should... :) pain gone from a 9 to a 3


I was in agony AND FOUND YOUR POST AND HEY IT HAS WORKED....PAIN GONE FROM A TEN DOWN TO A THREE...hope it lasts the night till I get to the dentist!


grab it firmly shake it back and forth. that lets the infection out. MOVE IT BACk and forth every day until its loose enough to pull.

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