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I had psoriasis for 28 years until recently...

Hello. My name is Kimbol and I had psoriasis for 28 years until earlier this year. My psoriasis was on my scalp, legs, knees, feet, arms, armpits, and back. I was on Methotrexate for 5 months in the early 90's. It cleared my stomach and back but didn't send it into remission. I had plaque, guttate and inverse psoriasis.
I posted this as comments for several individuals here who had questions about cures but I thought you could let the group know what has worked for me for the last 10 months.

My story: I kept praying every day for God to give me the wisdom to make this go away.
In January 2014, I settled on one diet. I also began taking over the counter vitamin supplements.
Over a 3 month time period, I gradually began to see my psoriasis almost disappear. What had changed? More prayer I know, without a Doubt.
I began walking a lot and changed my eating habits to a mostly vegetable diet with some chicken or fish only once/twice a week.
I do not drink or eat anything ‘diet’ or any alcohol.
I began taking supplements in February 2014. This is when I began to really notice a change in my psoriasis.
Daily x 5 Day schedule:
Vitamin C 1000 U 2 tablets 500 mg
Vitamin D 2000 U 2 tablets 1000 i.u.
Multi vitamin 1 daily
Milk Thistle 1000 mg (4 capsules)
1 x a week
Iron 70 mg (2 tablets)
In addition to my weekly diet of oatmeal, lots of fresh salads, baked chicken/fish, fresh steamed vegetables, 4-5 slices of rye bread, some yogurt, salsa, and fresh fruit along with 4-6 large glasses of water daily.
I was feeling better daily and I could almost hop up 3 flights of stairs at my apartment after 2-3 weeks on this regiment of exercise, food and supplements.
April 2014 - I am 62 and I am feeling so much better. No psoriasis scales.
I work outside on the road and I walk extra on the weekends. I wear short sleeve shirts and shorts in my free time. I play golf, ride my motorcycle and help out on a horse farm in my spare time.
Dec 2014 - I am now 63 and I have been psoriasis free for 9 months! Praise God. I eat normal food now without restrictions, I do not drink anything Diet or anything with sugar or alcohol and I walk a lot.
I continue taking supplements daily 5 days a week.
1000 mg Milk Thistle, 4000 Vitamin D, 2000 mg Vitamin C, 1200 mg Fish Oil, and 1 Multi Vitamin.
2 days a week - 130 mg Iron.
Check with your nutritionist or doctor to see if you can take these supplements especially if you are on medication.
Jan 2015 - Psoriasis has not returned for the last 10 months. But I still have major stress to deal with. I do have small areas of dry skin that will show up on my arms only if I stop or skip a few days but they disappear when i start the supplements again.
Dr. James Winer of Pittsburgh stated we should be identify the source of the problem: the toxins that are absorbed by the liver and are brought out on the surface of the skin as psoriasis, then you can develop a regiment that can put this nightmare in remission. I tried everything and went to multiple doctors for 28 years just to find out it was this simple. The medical community does not agree with my success but cannot dispute it either. I pray this will help someone.
You can view my story here also:…/journal/i-have-had-psoriasis/
I hope it will also help others. I will be glad to answer questions of my success. God Bless.

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Valerie Naguran

my name is Valerie
I am 32 years old.
I have off and on eczema from my toddler days,
I have psoriasis for 2 years now.
on my legs, arms, especially on my knees and elbows.
I am going to adopt your lifestyle change.
and get closer to The Lord in prayer.
keep me, and some of my family members in your prayer as they, like me, are sufferers as well.

God bless you


I don't think your invisible friend had anything to do with it. Still, congratulations.

saif Husain Khan

thank you so much for the detailed and suitable information
God bless God speed

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