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if u apply viteimin e along with vasilen and lemon you can remove the olddest scars.but once u aply the mixture make shure to wrap the area in plastic rap.

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check your spelling before i would believe you


i recently got a scar n im gna try wat u recomended fnx
oh n shut da fuck up bout check ur spellings u stupid mut dey iz tryna elp so b gr8ful u cunt KMT


There have actually been studies done that conclude that vitamin e does nothing for scars and in some cases caused infection.


Rude people,the lady is just trying to give info. I'm sure you've misspelled in ur life time.


I've tried Vitamin E oil applied on my scars.The scars really disappeared but maybe Vit E is a good remedy only for new scars.How about my old scars?Help!


How long should you keep on the wrap ?


Yeah dude, because how one spells has SO much bearing on whether or not a remedy actually works. You're logic is impressive.


Use KUMKUMADI TAILUM oil... it has been used from decades. and it worked magically for me hope You too find it usefull :)


i have a old old scar in my face what could i do

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