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FIXED - Plantar wart on mid section of left big toe. Completely removed.

DETAILS: I had a plantar wart on my big toe for approximatly 2 years. It was circular and 2.5cm in diameter. Previous treatments included 6 liquid nitrogen freezes and 2 months of salacilic acid treatment changed daily. These did not work and were recomended by gps.

FIX: Finaly I had enough and went straight to a podiatrist (highly recomended). To treat it, she applied a thin layer of silver nitrate followed by a large application of salicilic acid paste over the top. This was covered and left for 5 days. It was then left for 2 days and the dead skin was removed by PODIATRIST. Do not try and rempve it yourself, it will bleed and spread.

After only 2 of these treatments the wart wad completely gone. Hope this helps.

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