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I have suffered with jock itch for about 6 months to a year. It started as athletes foot and not sure if it transferred by clothing or socks or may be in system and I tried killing the athletes foot but might have spread inside body or through clothing.

My tips are to sleep naked or with underwear only to avoid sweating and moisture. Using dead sea salt scrub which has natural minerals and anti-bacterial properties. I also have used professional scrubs to heal or reduce presence of fungus. Has worked to a point and appears less red and more brown colored. Keeping area clean, dry and give no chance for fungus to develop or grow. Make life horrible for fungus. Overdrying skin helps too. I may be sore and uncomfortable but it works. Taking multivitamins to fight internally too and healing process. Lastly, anything prescription or anti-fungal is a good bet too. Maybe chemical peels, I have heard something about those and killing layer of skin. Could kill layer of fungus too. Would watch out around that area though.

I live in an area with extreme winters and I feel snowy and icy weather freezes fungus and noticed change with athletes foot. Changes in temperature affect fungus grow and life I guess.

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