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Fela naptha soap, in laundry isle at Harris teeter & recently Giant. Im a professional landscaper, if I know theres aa chance I've come in contact, I wash all exposed areas with the soap, the sooner the better, but preferably within a couple hours & it removes the oils so it doesn't develop. (Rubbing alcohol should do the same)
Also i know this works but wouldn't recommend to people with severe reactions: A native American woman told me to take a berry, wrap it in cheese, & swallow. In July poison oak(& ivy) get small white berries, and last summer I swallowed 2 or 3. (1st I put in cheese, next time a week later I just swallowed with iced tea) And I didnt get poison oak being around it a lot (I didnt try rolling around in it though either). Ive heard you can chew the baby leaves also to build your resistance.

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Dr. Patel

Please do not listen to this man DO NOT CHEW POISON OAK IVY OR SUMAC LEAVE. DO NOT SWALLOW THE BERRIES. These are extremely irresponsible suggestions and from the sounds of it the poster is either immune or extremely resistant. Eating any leaves or berries is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. POTENTIALLY FATAL. I urge the ,moderators of this blog to REMOVE his comment so no one attempts this. Also you CANNOT develope resistance to the poison, in fact, the opposite happens, repeat exposures worsen the symptoms each time-this poster is misinformed and foolish.

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