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I have severe allergies that cause fluid buildup in the eustachian tubes in my ears, which causes pressure and makes them ring, which in turn causes hearing problems. I went to see a highly recommended ENT for this. He said 'Plug your nose, and blow really hard, like you're giving birth. Then swallow. I want you to do this 10-20 times a day.' I told him I thought it would hurt the ear drums to do that, but he said it wouldn't. And it cleared up the fluid pressure and my hearing got better instantly. Of course, allergies keep it coming back, but I do this on occasion when the ringing and fluid buildup get bad.

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I have some questions to ask u. I'm very afraid that my hearing will not come back. I've been like this for a week, my ears ache, feels/sounds like water is in my ears but they are dry. I can't hear anything unless its very loud. Please advise me on what to do....I've been told that pinching nose and blowing will damage the ear drum....but also, so many People and websites are recommending it. I am absolutely miserable, gotta have some relief before I loose my mind!

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