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My daughter is a dancer and battled multiple warts on her foot for years. We tried duct-tape, medicines from the store and even an injection at the dermatologist (which we would NEVER do again).
Her dance teacher told us to take a potato, cut it in half and scrub the potato on her foot, getting as much potato 'juice' on the warts as much as possible. Refrigerate the potato and the next day, cut off the old slice and repeat the process for about 5-7 days.
IT WORKED!! We couldn't believe it - her warts turned black and just fell off. Unbelievable - so glad we didn't go back to the dermatologist - we were seriously considering the freeze option but potatoes for us!!!

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Thus didn't work but it almost did. Warts turned black and every thing went good. Got rid of one of the warts

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