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Hello. Had this for years and find it so embarrising! been to doctors had it checked and got the common response of its not harming you so just leave it basically! so tried different methods of getting rid i found the oils a waste of money! so diving in and doing the tied of method! ! Found it difficult with floss as hard to tie so im now using those tiny hair bands! So much easier to apply will update with progress?! Wish me luck!

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How did it work with the rubber bands?


Also curious as to how it worked for you. I'm using floss and wondering how long it'll take to cut off circulation and fall off


I had a mole on my face and went to a physician and he froze it with liquid nitrogen,it feels like small needles pricking you when he does this, only takes a few minutes, also a couple of skin tags on my neck, it worked beautiful for all of these,after swelling up , it took about a week ,and they just fell off, ask ur physician about it, it is a in office action .


I had surgery 4 days ago. The core of the skin tag was rooted inside the anal canal... No chance of tying it off. The core alone was the length and thickness of my pinky finger. (i am male) The visual part about 4cm of flat numb skin. Since the op i have managed to open the bowel twice and was traumatised both times...Excrutiating pain. I on meds to soften stools and under docs orders to stay home and rest...Currently feels like i have a rubix cube inserted against the wound...Hoping to feel better tmrw.


So you never said if tying it off worked. That's what I'm finally trying after years of doing all the home remedy methods with no success.

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