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I used a full-on barrage of things on my AC, as my career is as a classical clarinetist and it was making it painful to play.

Here are the substances I used: rubbing alcohol, OTC Lotrimin cream, OTC Curad Silver Solution (which others have posted about often on here), Aquaphor Lip Repair (their version of lip balm), and Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment. Plus mouthwash, Qtips and Cotton balls as necessary.

My routine:
After brushing my teeth in the morning, I would rinse out my mouth with mouthwash. I just used whatever I had on hand (happened to be Crest). While doing this, I would soak both ends of Qtip in the rubbing alcohol and hold one end of the Qtip to each side of my mouth where the AC was. Be careful to use the same end of the Qtip on the same side of the mouth as to NOT cross-contaminate! The alcohol will burn like nobody's business, but it helped to dry out the corners of my mouth. ALSO - on my toothbrush, I wiped down the plastic part right below the bristles with the rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, to avoid the infection growing on my toothbrush.

After letting the alcohol dry and spitting out the mouthwash, I would apply (either with Qtips or just-washed fingertips) the Curad Silver Solution to the corners of my mouth and let dry. I made sure to go far past where the red AC was noticeable. Once this is dry, I applied the Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment like I would normal lip balm, except I squeezed it onto a fingertip to apply (to avoid the infection growing on the tube's applicator surface).

I would do this same process at night right before going to bed.

Right after lunch, I would do the same thing (minus the mouthwash as I don't take it to work with me).

In between the morning/lunch/bedtime routine, I would do the following anytime my lips felt like they were drying out:
Wash my hands. Do the rubbing alcohol routine (if I could take the rubbing alcohol and Qtips to work, otherwise in a pinch I used hand sanitizer).
These times I would apply the over-the-counter Lotrimin cream to the AC spots, and use the Aquaphor Lip Repair balm on my lips.

I really only varied my routine because the Curad Silver says only to apply every 1 to 3 days, and the Lotrimin says to only use it twice a day. I didn't want to 'over do' it on either one of those, in case there were negative side effects just waiting to pop up.

I am not sure which one is having the best effect (Lotrimin vs. Curad) so I can't speculate on what would work for everyone, but this just happened to be what I did and so far it is working extremely well.

I've been dealing with AC for about 1 month before I realized that it wasn't just extremely chapped lips or a weird cold sore. I live in Missouri where it is quite humid (even in the winter) and that sure doesn't help. I went to California for 10 days for a vacation, and without applying anything it started to go away on its own so I know that for me the drier weather helped.

Over the course of the 1 month, I have only started to do the routine above for 2 days (this is Day 3) and in the last 3 days I have had immense improvement! On Day 1, I had horrible deep cracks and extensive scabbing, and even flaking all around the rest of my lips just because they were so dry from trying to compensate for the AC.
On Day 2, my cracks were still there but noticeably more shallow, and my scabs were starting to get worse (as in healing more).
Today, Day 3, my scabs have started falling off and there is flesh tone colored skin below! No more redness developing under the older wounds! My cracks are completely closed, and I can open my mouth normally! I expect tomorrow to be even better. The corners of my mouth are still pinkish, but it blends in better with my normal lip color. And you can kind of see a very faint outline of where the cracks used to be.
I expect to go for another 4 full days of the same routine, just to definitely get rid of the infection.

The best thing for me has been to be proactive about preventing re-infection by cleaning my toothbrush with alcohol and not applying the lip balms directly to my lips and using a finger to apply instead.

Thank you everyone who has posted before me! I definitely took everyone's tips and combined them for what I thought would work for me.

Good luck to everyone else battling this nuisance!

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