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After suffering for years, I decided to experiment with diet and found that eliminating NUTS keeps the symptoms away! I don't have any other nut allergy, but sure enough when I eat something containing high amounts of nut or nut butter, the redness and cracks at the corners of my mouth reappear the next day!

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I also feel there is a connection between eating nuts and getting cracks in the corner of my mouth. You are the only other person I have come across who also has this experience. I love nuts but I guess I will need to give them up or at least limit my consumption:(


I have been eating nuts everyday and I had no idea that they were contributing to this. Thanks for telling me. Hopefully now that I stop eating them, this can go away for good.

claudia Larsson

Hi there! Yes, me too! and nuts are the culprit! I do not have a B12 problem - take multi's and even tho I am a Vegetarian have my B12 tested and it's actually very high. So I am positive it's the nuts. Just ate macadamia nuts the other day and now corners of my mouth are cracked. never happens unless I've had too many nuts. Just staying away from nuts - as this is a pre allergic condition - and I'm afraid there could be a time when it will go into a more serious thing. thanx.


Yes me too! Ive been eating raw almonds and walnuts and the corner of my mouth is cracked. Damn nuts are supposed to be good for you!


You might be onto something. I love raw peanuts, so when I found them, I ate almost half a pound in two days. Sure enough, one side of my mouth is cracked...I am putting on castor oil and powder from probiotic capsule. I helped with a pain a lot.


Pecans do this to me, all others like pistachios and almonds walnuts are ok

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