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I had a Plantar Wart for about a year, right under my little toe. I play soccer, so it was painful when I was sprinting because the pressure would all go on the upper area of my foot. So one day I got some tweezers, and paper towels. I pulled up every root and basically put a band-aid on it. A few days later it was gone.

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What do you mean when you say you pulled up every root?


Was wondering about exactly this and an going to try the same...
I had a couple of warts on my hand when I was a kid. Didn't know anything but just cut access to and then pulled out the little black roots - took a few pass over the course of a couple of days. Cleared everything up. From what I saw, the skin grain at the wart turned vertical and fed out of the wart like the wart was a volcano and the skin grain was the layers of rock - all converging and turned upward at the wart. Some of those little pieces of skin were black. Just pulled them out with tweezers, warts disappeared.


Those little black things are not seeds. They are blood clots from the affected capillaries. The virus never leaves your system so there is no mother or seed removal that will cure the problem. Removing the wart with tweezers or a knife is still just a surgical removal and can work for long term. I had mine removed surgically after dealing with it for about 10 years. It came back in the same spot within two years so had it removed again and this time the foot doctor cut even deeper. The trick is usually to remove all affected/infected tissue around the wart. Several months later a new wart showed up on the next toe in spot across from the old wart and now there is another wart back in the old spot. The last couple of weeks more toes have been affected. Will be trying the vinegar and duct tape methods this time and some internal immune boosting.

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