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I've been plagued by warts since childhood. Between the ages of 10 and 12 I had regular monthly appointments with a dermatologist to have them removed from my hands. I've had them burnt off, froze off, cut off, and electrocuted. All of these treatments were painful and rarely worked effectively. A lot of the time I would barely have healed from the previous visit just to have more tortuous treatment performed due to them growing back. By 12 I had finally gotten rid of them all but have several scars to this day from it. I'm almost 40 now. When I was 16 I had 2 more show up very close to each other on my arm. They quickly grew into one large wart. But it was just the one and I wasn't very self concious of it. I would routinely cut the top of it off, my teenage brain thinking I was at least keeping it from getting any bigger. Then in my early 20's I noticed a whole bunch of tiny bumps all up and down both arms. I examined them very closely and was mortified. I had warts all over my arms. Lots of them. I stopped counting when reached 100. I started freaking out! I asked a friend of mine (an old native American woman) If she knew of any cure. Her husband overheard and told me he knew how to get rid of warts. I told him I was willing to try anything. He said to eat a handful of raisins every day. As skeptical as I was, I was also fairly desperate. So I did as he said. Before I knew it they were gone. I think it was about 2 weeks that I ate the handful of raisins everyday, but I think the warts were gone even sooner than that. Even the large one on my arm that had been there for 5 years was gone. Without a trace. No evidence of them ever even being there. Again in my late 30's I started getting them again. And while this time there were only about a dozen or so, this was a more traumatic occurrence because some of them were on my penis. This time I decided to take better observation of the process. I decided to eat just one cup of raisins daily. I ate them for 5 days and stopped. The warts were still there, but 4 days after stopping eating the raisins they were gone. Its like I could feel them one day and the next they are just gone. I don't know what is in raisins that kills them but I am a believer. Also after reading about a lot of other strange cures I believe this is quicker than most and absolutely less traumatic. I would be very interested to know if this works for anyone else. If you try it and it works please leave a comment.

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Raisin's really do get rid of warts. I had them growing up and I tried EVERY THING to get rid of them and nothing work until I started eating a bowl of raisin bran cereal everyday and they all dispeared.

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