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I've had an anal skin tag the size of a bean for a few years that has caused me much embarrassment and discomfort. I tried using the dental floss method but after experiencing the pain for one night I want to opt out and just wait for a surgeon. However, because the tag swelled overnight, I can't get to the floss to remove it!! I am numbing it with ice, and trying to cut the floss off with a knife/scissors but it's bloody difficult! Does anybody have suggestions??

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Hello. What did you end up doing?


Put a gauze soaked in apple cider vinegar, organic, with the mother. Leave it soaking for a few hours or over night. Be careful because it could burn if ur skin is too sensitive so if it does, just leave it as long as you can. Reapply every 12 hours or so for a few hours again.

I did this to my ex boyfriends skin tags in general when we couldn't tie them with floss or anything and it worked.
The point of tying it is to cut the circulation and oxygen and therefore killing the root of the tags. If you can't tie and soak, just soak.

Good luck and I hope you were able to remove the floss.

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