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Please go and get medical treatment and advice, i had anal sex with my bf and caught genital warts, i decided to leave them untreated and they have multiplied and grown bigger! I went to the doctors and the nurse could not believe how bad they were she had to get a second opinion! Im so upset and they only option now is surgery and while i'm waiting for a date they have given me Aldara cream to try and get rid of them, i've tried every home remedy possible and nothing works unless you get professional help, ACV IS VERY DANGEROUS it burns the skin away but the warts with thrive on damaged skin and it only removes them temporarily, i'm lucky i can still poop mine are that bad :( they itch, burn and bleed and i have to fold a piece of kitchen paper between my butt cheeks so absorb the moisture, it is a horrible horrible virus and is making my life hell, i feel bad for you all as i know what its like but please see a doctor, i'm scared of the aldara

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Finding out you have HPV is very stressful. Since you have anal warts you can apply coconut oil inside & out. You woll begin to see the warts fall off. Also start building your immune system. Multi vitamin, garlic pills, vitamin C,eats lots of green. Google natural remedies for hpv. Most of all, which is the hardest try not to stress. The warts thrive on stress & sweets.Try to stay calm, eat healthy, & exercise. Hope you find this helpful.

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