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I have been a patient of herpes since 3 years. I had tried a lot of anti viral meds prescribed to me by doctors over the years but I could not see any improvements in the symptoms. One day while doing some research on various herpes forums, i got to know about this rescue kit with hyperisince and homeopathic h-factor nosodes from biogetica and decided to give it a try. After few weeks the improvement were very visible. Outbreaks had stopped and the sores started to heal. I would recommend this to all my friends suffering from herpes.

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Mr. Reese

This is the information of the con-artist named, "Dr. Ariba". He took the $200 from me today, and used someone else's name which he said was his partner. If I had thought about it sooner, I would have canceled the Western Union. But he first asked to see the transfer number, then responded back a few hours later after retrieving the money to tell me that I needed to make an additional fee of $150 for shipping which was insane. When I refused to pay that extra, he stopped call texting and has not responded since.

Last Name :Airohodion

Name: Kevin

State: EDO-State

City: Ancient City Of Benin

Numbers Used: 234 814 043 9497

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Are you sure about this??

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