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this site is lacking when it comes to depression advice for sure.
I have physical issues that prevent me from doing some of these activity's ie exercising because it will take your mind off it, or meditation this doesnt work with people with adhd or other aliments.
I find most cures to be stupid or temporary at best.
Ive had therapy and drugs they do nothing.
I think the best one on here has been sleeping through it take a sleep aid and just conk your brain or mind out that way its not so bad.I do also agree pets help to some extent ,I find reading somewhat helps or watching a movie or tv just something that wont bring you down again (dont watch shows about other peoples lives being better then yours)Play a online or computer game.
I found the suicide hotline a joke so if you want someone to talk to best bet ive found is blah therapy,as friends arent always a good idea some will call you to depressive and ditch you for venting, family can too cause worst depression or stress.
I also find journal writing about it can help even if its just why your depressed.

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