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Had fungus on right ring fingernail and baby fingernail at age 22 from a sponge that my whole bank branch used to wet our fingers with...before counting the equally filthy money. I didn't realize nail fungus existed before then. Horrified. Got so bad the moon was the only thing left on each nail. Used fake nails to cover and then tried dipping a q-tip in bleach and dabbing daily after removing fake nails daily. Small progress. Then tried soaking nails in full bleach once a week for as long as I could stand the smell. Eventually went away(!!) after YEARS of infection and treatment after I went on a low carb diet and kept bleaching. The week after they were cured completely at age 25, left pointer finger tingled, got hot, and got fully eaten overnight. Devastating, as I have always worked with the public and they tend to stare at your hands while you write. Ugh. Defeated again. Tried Penlac, vinegar, bleach. Doctor refused Lamisil stating it was 'just cosmetic' and i would just have to live with it. I disagree so wholeheartedly. I've never had a manicure or pedicure due to this fear of fungus and fear of showing people my condition! I avoided social situations and even refused a proposal due to my fear that my germophobe boyfriend would be horrified at my nails when I peeled off the fake ones to bleach them. Became very depressed, and tried everything, with no results. The nails would grow back and then be full of fungus again in a monthly cycle. Contracted it in my left thumb and full loss of nail overnight, (I mean de-attached from the nail bed, they didn't fall off). Sigh. Fast forward to age 38 after 12 years of intense emotional suffering and finally decided to attack in a big way. Didn't care how awful my hands looked in the process-- age makes you care a little less, bless God!! Cut fungus filled nails down all the way to the base of the nail that was healthy and then filed them down to paper thinness on top. I then began soaking in bleach nightly until I got what seemed to be chemical burns. Then I stopped bleaching due to the pain and filed down the nail bed every night with a fresh file and then discarded the file. (Dollar store files, the best!!) I then soaked in white vinegar and grapefruit oil (NOW brand) for 10min a night. Soaked in bleach one night per week and then a week of nightly vinegar and grapefruit oil soaks --for 5 months straight. The nails took forever to grow down --6 months?-- because I was aggressively filing them down every night and soaking in vinegar. I didn't stop even when I saw the nails were growing without that yellow tint and grungy stuff under them. I was diligent about cutting and filing down any soft, yellow or flimsy nail that began to grow. Only attached parts that were pink were allowed so my nails looked truly deformed for 6 months until the strong parts came in. I then had to stop soaking nightly due to a house move. They seemed to be growing attached!!
I also ordered Oil of Oregano from Greece (Zane Hellas brand) from EBay to give it a final punch. Smells awful but I applied it about twice per week to my new little half nails. It has been one year now since I started and the nails are still pink and attached after about 5 months of full growth and attachment . I am holding my breath and applying oil of Oregano weekly and just praying this sticks!!
One other finger started looking suspicious (argh!!!) and the Oil of Oregano seems to have halted the progress and I treat that weekly as well. SO IMPORTANT to never use tools on your healthy nails that you use on the infected ones. I am cautiously hopeful but I think I may have won!!!! I pray each and every one of you may be cured and I am posting my story in the hope that my method may help you too!!

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Ok what you need, 1 cup vodka, 2 or 3 large cloves of garlic, gauze pads and surgical gloves.
smash up garlic and add it to the vodka, and let sit for a few hours.
cut the tip of the surgical gloves off to where it fits snug over your toe,
dip the gauze pad into your vodka and garlic mixture, and put the soaked gauze pad on top of fungus nail and use the surgical glove tip over the fungus nail to hold gauze pad in place.
leave this on overnight, you may have to repeat this depending on how bad the fungus is.

I used this and it worked like a charm I've had a toenail fungus all my life up until then.

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