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My cracked mouth corners went on for a year, and finally the condition is getting better recently due to the right treatment. My previous doctor mis-diagnosed it for ' dry skin due to dry weather'. After google 'cracked mouth corners', I found it on Wikipedia. And I believe that my condition is caused by fungal infection. So I went to another doctor who precibed me these two medicines: Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USPS, 0.1% (a type of topic steroids) and Nystatin Cream USP (an anti-fungal cream). I applied them both on my mouth for twice a day. I stopped using the steroid cream after three days when the cracks on my mouth corners healed. I continue to use the anti fungal cream. It has been two weeks now. My condition is getting better and better. I will need to use the anti-fungal cream for a month even after the symptoms disappear. At the meantime, I am super strict with the hygiene of the infected area because fungus is very resistant and you have to be super clean at all time. I only use paper towels to dry my face after each wash, I change my pillowcase every night, I put a clean sheet under my blanket (the area where your face and mouth touch) every night. It is too much work to change a big sheet every day so I used a clean pillow case or sometimes a small towel instead. The goal is to beat the fungus completely. At the mean time, I am increasing my immune system by eating healthy, exercise, relax, no alcolhols, no smoking, etc.. Fighting fungal infections can be a long battle, but you have to win, otherwise it will make you miserable for the rest of life. You can do it!

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