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Hello everyone! I was just recently diagnosed with genital herpes and I have found a miracle to soothe the pain and make the bumps and sores less and less everyday! And I am here to share with all of you! Basically what I do is I take fresh guava leaves, a bunch of them, and boil them in a pot until the water is brown, and that's when you know that all the good stuff is released from the leaves and into the water! I make a lot of it because I use it everytime to wash my vagina every time I go to the restroom. You do not have to boil it everytime you use it, you can simply do a half mixture, half warm water so it will be warm. I do this every time, then blow dry the affected area, and it has gone down drastically! I am so amazed of what the outcome has been! I hope it works for all of those who try it out!

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