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I don't have a remedy except the gynacologist and I don't want to go. So I came here to find out what I can do. It seems that the best remedies are folic acid and boric acid caps. Is there any danger with using pharmaceutical grade boric acid just putting it into a capsule and inserting? Additionally, I'm past menopause and very dry inside so I need a gel. Any suggestions? By the way, the only odor is on a light days pad that I wear for leaking's yellow and smells but not fishy. Do I have yeast or vaginosis? Please email me with responses.

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Boric acid from a compounding pharmacy (script needed from doc) is the best solution! Use alternatively with coconut oil and probiotic inserted vaginally (femdopholus). Load up on coconut oil and Vit E. Suppositories sold online or at health food stores. It is a great solution for BV and vaginal dryness! You can even make a bullet frozen of coconut oil by putting a small spoonful into a 5 x 5 piece of plastic wrap, rolling it and freezing it. Put it in at night wearing a pad. Its very soothing!! I even break open a powerful probiotic and roll the coconut oil in it before putting it in my vagina!


You can actually get the boric acid suppositories from Etsy and they're quite inexpensive.

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