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I have the worst teeth, I have some kind of hereditary gum issue that my mom had. She had dentures by 22 & I didn't even find out until I was 15! Now I'm looking so forward to being able to afford to get me some new teeth! With my worst pains, that kept me up all night, I found the miracle.. Nyquil! You swish the Nyquil all around your bad tooth, go ahead & swallow it afterwards & the pain will be gone plus you will go into your 'Nyquil coma', as I call it, so you will get a good night sleep!

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I have the same problem with my teeth and have had 7 removed... By the age of 21


I'm going to try that immediately for a sensitive tooth I have. I can't wait until my 11am appointment that's why I'm up now at 3:24am...tooth pain!
LOL at 'Nyquil Coma'.

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