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Hi friends,
I used to get boils almost every other month on thighs, buttocks etc. since couple of years and had to take antibiotics to cure the same.

Now, I have not got any boils since more than a year after making certain lifestyle changes so would like to share about the same. I hope it helps.

Cause: Though I am not sure about exact reasons for getting boils, however following could have been the contributing factors in my case:

- Constipation
- Anemia
- Poor immunity level
- Poor nutrition, Consuming junk, greasy and sugary foods on frequent basis
- Drinking tap water
- Stress due to long working hours at work
- Lack of physical exercise
- Poor hygiene
- Tight fitting clothes

Steps which I followed to stop re-occurrence of boils –

- Visited a Dermatologist who gave me a nasal ointment to be applied in nostrils. I continued this for a month.
- Dermatologist also gave me an antimicrobial/ antibacterial solution to bathe for underarms, thighs and buttocks. I continued this for 4 months and later started using antibacterial soaps for bathing, which are available at any local shops.
- Started drinking filtered water instead of tap water (Bought a water filter).
- Began practicing good personal hygiene by taking bath everyday, gently scrubbing using a loofah while showering once a week, cleaning clothes, undergarments, bedsheets, bathrooms and toilet seats on regular basis, etc.
- Included 30 to 45 mins of exercise in my daily routine, mainly yoga and deep-breathing exercises.
- Stopped wearing very tight fitting clothes and undergarments.

Diet changes:

- I was anemic, so cured that by taking supplements, and by having carrot-beetroot juice, dates and raisins on daily basis.
- I also had frequent constipation so included high-fibre foods such as oats, carrots, fruits, whole wheat, etc. to cure that. Stopped having junk, fried, greasy and sugary foods as much as possible.
- Followed detox diet for three weeks.

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