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I have been on a Google quest since getting two dry sockets. Even after packing with medicated (eugenol) gauze and upping my pain meds, I was still in nearly constant terrible pain. The best remedy I have found is definitely Orajel Severe Triple Medicated. Combined with frequent warm salt water rinses (other rinses only exacerbated my agony) and hot showers, I was able to mitigate my pain until my next DDS visit.
P.S. I tried the Red Cross kit for a day or two but I couldn't justify the discomfort, messiness, and burning sensation for the short term relief it provided.

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I've had multiple extractions done due to failed root canals and I always get a dry socket because I am a smoker. The pain is unbearable, constant throbbing in the extraction hole and surrounding teeth, all the way up to the front teeth. I just recently had one of my wisdom teeth pulled, the lower left, and I've been dealing with the pain of a dry socket for about five days. I've been taking pain killers like candy and no relief. I did my fair share of research and came to find the only thing a dentist will do for a dry socket is stuff it with a medicated gauze. I tried numerous home remedies, nothing worked until I finally decided to make my own 'medicated gauze.' I cut the corner of a gauze off, wet it just a tiny bit, rolled it into a ball with the help of some Orajel, and stuffed that baby in there. It was instant relief. My head stopped pounding and everything. Its not completely pain free, it still feels a little aggravated, which is expected of course, a tooth was just yanked out of it, but it feels so much better, nonetheless. I used Orajel Severe Toothache Gel, stuff is no joke. It numbed me like Novocain. Hope it helps you as well.


I had my wisdom teeth removed on 1/14/15 and started getting the dry socket pain on 1/19. I have already seen my surgeon twice for the packing with the medicated gel and clove and it will relieve most of the pain for almost 24 hours. I have it on both bottom wisdom teeth sites. This is almost unbearable because my pain goes into my ears and up my checks. Insanity...

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