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In the past years on my early 20s i wasn't very safe with my choices and sex partners. and honestly i have no idea who to blame about the virus. But i wasn't sexually active for two years (believe it or not) and recently i met a guy and had sex with him around 5 times maybe (always protected).
Anw long story short i never had an HPV test but i noticed the changes on my vagina until recently. i guess the sex part made it appear faster? (moist area etc) and another think is that i was sick with the flu the past week and i had a major outbreak and freaked me out a lot, but after reading the home remedies i decided to go with the ACV as everyone else. this is the first day and it hurts like a mofo! i also shaved a few days ago and i think that is also a reason that i got more warts in that area.
Hopefully i will have this under control and will also go get another STD test within this week.
I also got probiotics, vitamins and supplements for the immune system, i will try to quit smoking too and live a healthier lifestyle.
Forgot to mention that this month was the worst month for me regarding my lifestyle and life choices. I had the worst eating habits and drunk and smoked a lot.
HPV will never leave my system but i hope that this wont affect my love/sex life.

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If I am not mistaken any new partners you decide to have in the future can get HPV vaccinated. You should get it out. Yes it will never leave your system but it can prevent it from spreading.

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