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Hello Hivers,

It's Malee again. I thought in December I was all set with my Hives. Nope today January 10th I sit in my bed letting you know after being weaned off of Prednisone down to 4mg a day and taking Xoliar injections once a month, I still have Hives. Now wait! There nothing like before. As we speak, I have about 5 hives on my body, mostly legs and feet. I'm starting to believe my hives are due to stress and bad eating. If not I certainly have some kind of autoimmune disease brewing. The person who wrote about dehydrator: your right! it is well know in the health community that one of the most significant ways our bodies respond to lack of water is hives. Secondly stress is a killer. The human body hates emotional stress. When we become frazzled over periods of time i.e.: divorce, job losses, moves and just bull in our lives our bodies react in the best way it knows how. I know for sure that everyone on this site loves themselves, we're all looking for a cure not treatment! I find the more I respect my body by eating right, exercise, fluids and relax the better I feel and the less hive I have. This may not be the cure, but it is definitely the step in the right direction. I'm still seeing a Homeopathic, I will give results as soon as I have them.

Keep in touch

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I have had urticaria for about 8 months. a big hit of prednisone worked wonders .... but of course that is not sustainable. I am now donw to 12 mg per day and I will have to go back to 15 per day coz Im getting break out itching on my wrists (no, nothng to do with skin-folds!)

Im going to try drinking lots of water, like previous posts have suggested!


If you suffer from chronic hives. You should really read this. I'm not promoting, endorsing or selling anything. No medication. Lesson your outbreaks naturally.

I've suffered from chronic hives or urticaria ever since I could remember. Now I life my life 95% free of hives.

I'm an Asian male 41 years old. I've had massive attacks or outbreaks at least 3-4 times a year and smaller manageable ones 7-10 times. Yes, I was like you and took prednasone and every other antihistamine out there. (Only one that truly worked for me was benadryl)

Unlike like other people the hives appeared on areas of my body I couldn't cover up such as my face!

During my teenager years the internet was just in its infancy stages there were no blogs or online information, support group to share ideas and to get advice. All the allergologist did was conduct a allergy test on me and suggest I monitor what I ate. THIS PISSED ME OFF AS NOT ONE allergologist out of 15 had anything else new to suggest and I felt that no one could help me. They just got paid for doing the test and in this field is very subjective and not proven. There was no one correct solution to cure my hives. I had to remember that these doctors are only guided by traditional science and proven scientific methods. Its against their practice to suggest any other alternative medication. The only advise I got was to take benadryl on a nightly basis and stay away from histamine triggering foods.

I turned to Chinese herbs and that didn't work either.

Here's what did - This is what helped me keep my hives in check.

1. Stay away from histamine producing or triggering foods. Shrimp, crabs, lobsters, Strawberries, Nuts, Bone marrow and limit your intake of SALT, artificial ingredients and chemicals (flavors) Stay away from any processed food! Hotdogs, luncheon meat, packaged or canned foods.

2. Since 70% of your immune system has to do with your large intestine, small intestine and colon, stomach areas. You need to constantly keep them clean. (Clean you pipes) The cells which fight off and protect your immune system need to be healthy and strong this means eating right - green leafy vegetables.

3. Detox now and start changing your diet and don't let stress get the best of you. Chew your food well.

4. Exercise and sweat as much as you can! Go to a sauna everyday for 30 mins. limit your sodium intake as this prevents you from sweating. You should aim to lose 2-3 lbs of body water everyday and re-hydrate with 3 bottles of water. Do this on a 5-6 times a week. Don't drink tap water.

I read posting from a person who had a similar case of hives like myself. He suggested changing the water in your body as much as possible as not much studies done on this topic and its relationship to histamine. 75% of your body is water and if you don't sweat it out or urinate it out of your body then it remains stagment. Focus on trying to replace your body's water as much as possible and keep your colon, intestines clean as often as possible.

I've been following these simple rules for 3 years now and don't have any major outbreaks. Although I still get small hives occasionally, I'd say I'm 90% relieved of my hives and I'm completely off medication.

My diet is 60% green vegetables and fruits, 30% meat (beef and chicken only) 10% pizza, hamburgers, NO FAST FOOD, NO PROCESSED MEAT.

Every morning when I wake up, I eat half a small sized orange, or grapefruit and wait an hour before I drink or eat anything else. This is a great cleanse.

I take my vitamins and drink a very thick shake with high amounts of kayle, spinach, carrots, spinach, banana, green apple, pineapple, and little ginger. Blended using my vitamix.

After meals try to drink hot water with slice of lemon. This serves as a detox as well.

Follow this diet and lifestyle and hopefully it works for you as change starts within.

Good Luck!

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