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This cure is cheap,easy, & according to my 3 young girls, they are affective! They love these!You can call them booboo buddies,ache begone,tummy friend, or something else silly,(kids get a laugh out of a silly name) Find an old sock,make sure it doesn't have any holes in it.(My girls decorated theirs w/markers b4 putting in the rice) Fill it 3/4 full w/white rice. Tie the top in a knot. Place in the microwave till it becomes very warm to the touch.(We use 1 minute)Place it on the stomach. After about 10 mins the ache should have disappeared or at least made it feel much better. THIS IS ALSO GREAT FOR CRAMPS!!! You may even add a small amount of your fav potpouri, cinnamon,lavendar,etc to the sock,for a beautiful smell to help relax you! Some people put them in the freezer, & when they need a cold pack for a bruise or sprain, they use these.
Good Luck!

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I like it


by rice, do you mean pre-cooked rice, or raw?


this really works for cramps


Olivia Burns

That REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My Email is send me some mpre remondies


Maybe this works with every food in every cloth as long as it is warm ?

Tummy Acher

OH MY GOSH!! thank you sooooo much it has relieved the pain!!! I was bloated and it relieved it sooo well!!! Thank u soooo much!!!!!!!



wouldnt the sock burn?


We make our rice bags out of old towels, sewn together in the shape of a pillow, fill it with the rice and sew it shut, we have been using these for years, they work great for everything that hurts, warm or cold, I use one when I get a migraine, it helps to relax the muscles in my neck and shoulder. They are much better that a heating pad or a warm towel, they stay warm for a long time and you dont have to worry about electric cords, especially with kids. You can also make them into any size you want.


it does work


i like it it really works

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