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I'm a chronic cold sore sufferer and have been coming to this site for years every time one of those little (or big) monsters pops up. I've tried acyclovir, abreva, lysine..pretty much everything. However, I just found the BEST thing ever to stop a cold sore immediately! A 9 bolt battery. It's weird but it totally works, I swear. You just wet the area on and around your cold sore (I used mouthwash) and then place the battery so the tongs are on either side of might feel a little zap but it just means it's working and you can just keep rotating the battery around the cold sore this way and that so it gets all angles. I woke up with a huuuuge one on my face this morning and tried this for five minutes and already it's gotten so much smaller, I'm so excited! Let me know if you try it and what your results are!

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holy crap just tried it. swelling is already subsiding and it looks like its scabbing over. thank you so much!!!


Worked better than anything I have yet to try including prescription creams.

Got the idea from a friend who used vygone and opened it up. Inside was just a 9v battery.

I tried the battery straight out.

Burns a bit if you hold it too long so take it easy. But you can feel the difference after a couple of treatments. The sore stops growing right away so if you start early, you can stop it before it is very noticeable.

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