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Jay the one no longer whimpering like a child

I like so many before me scoured these pages for a remedy for my agonising pain. My remedy however came from the suggestion by the emergency dental nurse in my area. While she could't offer much help in the way of help she could offer a lot of advise.

She suggested alone with regular pain killers, I should try rubbing some bongela on my affected tooth. The antiseptic nature and numbing agent in the bongela would then help alleviate some of my pain.
Although it's not a perfect fix, and I still have a dull ache, I've gone from agonising 10 to a dull 3 in a matter of minutes. I can now safely venture from the whimpering fetal position and try to rest before my dentist appointment tomorrow.. YAY

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im ttying this a I write but as my filling as dislodgedirsef behind my front tooth its ahard to keep my tounge from licking it and swallowing it then not getting mich relief :(

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