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Ladies, I am a 58-year-old post menopausal woman experiencing BV. I went to my doctor for diagnosis; and, $500 worth of lab test later found out it was a Gardnerella bacterial infections. I went the Flagyl route which did nothing. I was then prescribed a vaginal cream anti-biotic which worked until I had intercourse again with my man. Then the BV was back. My man and I are monogamous, so I don't have any worries about him playing around. This all started after we had been together for about 5 months. I have never had this with any other sex partner, but had it with him when we were seeing each other as youngsters. I was beside myself when my symptoms came back again and dreaded returning to my doctor. The expense and probable results made me doubt I would be satisfied. I did some on-line research and tried the Vitamin C route. One 500 mg tablet inserted inside for 5 days, and the infection was gone! Probably should have quit after 4 days because I had some irritation after 5 days, but I used some VH Vaginal Health prebiotic suppositories to replenish my vagina, and I am totally discharge free. I plan to insert a Vitamin C tablet after intercourse and see if I can prevent the infection from returning. So far, so good!

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Hello, I was told that the vaginal bacteria 'like' the sperm that you get when having unprotected sex. I experience this any time I have unprotected sex. Thanks for sharing I'm gonna give VH probiotics a try.


Hi I was just wondering what vitaman c tablets you used, also what did the packet look like?

Help pleaseee

I've been told by my doctor that I have bv and to have baths with white vinegar and that it Gould clear it up but if it doesn't I was also wanting to try the vitamin C idea so what was the name of the vitamin C you used and where they dissolvable tablets etc? Please get back to me


I used natures maid 500mg vitamin c - also did a apple cider vinegar bath 2x a day discharge was gone in a day.. This is also good for yeast infections. My dr couldn't get me in for over a week - i needed to try something! It worked!


What does he do for work? My partner is a mechanic and the soap he uses causes woman to have bv, he washes his hands with work soap, then again with a normal soap. I had it constantly for a while until we found this out, we've had much better luck since i haven't had it in over a year. Although I havebone right now I'm trying to sort, best guess for cause, he forgot to use the normal soap after. Literally everytime this happens, I end up with one. Check and see what he might be washing his hands with.


Heat one cup of water and squeeze one whole lemon in the cup, drink while still warm. Do this every am for one week, but rinse or brush your teeth immediately. Then every night before bed mince 1-2 garlic cloves and ingest it orally with 2 trespass of extra virgin olive oil.

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