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I have suffered with extreme pain from bleeding hemorrhoids for 40 years. I have spent a lot of money and tried everything. Nothing worked until a friend told me to try a home remedy. Buy a banana, peel it, eat the white inside of the banana,cut off a part of the banana and lay it on the hemmoroid, boil the peeling and drink the liquid (which doesn't taste too badly) 3 times a day. I did this ONCE and after that, I have had absolutely, without a doubt, no pain whatsoever! I don't have to drink the tea or inside of the banana or anything. I thank God that my new-found friend gave me this cure as I was ready for surgery. Please try this - I guarantee that it will work!

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What kind of banana.? Pls tell me, I don't like to go on surgery...


I have tired everything p.h. Cream seems like it makes it worse. So peel banana our it on hemorrhoid for how long and boil peeling and drink the juice I need help they hurts soooo bad I cry I am 40 years old had them all my life it seems like it. Help Tina.I my name


Hi,I am willing to try it in desperation. How long do you boil a part of the banana peel for? Drink the mixture warm? How long should you apply the peel for. Did you ever get discharge from the hemerrhiod? Will it cure that too?


Hi Jackie,when u say a part of the banana,do you mean the part which we usually eat?


Eat which part of the banana? You mean scrape the inside of the peel or the part that is normally eaten?


He said the peel. That is the part u throw away. I will try it now


For how many days do you drink that stuff.. .hot warm, boiled for how long ? and for how long do you put the banana peel on the piles


.Hi , is it ripe or unripe banana? again, which part of the banana is to be boiled?

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