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I have sufferd with BV for 2 years now. Can I insert a probiotic capsule onto my vag or do I need a tablet that can be crushed

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That is dreadful! I suffered for 3 years with a yeast infection/bv due to antibiotics and was convinced the whole time I had HSV but kept getting tested with negative results! I kept going to my female physician but she had no idea what I had. It wasn't until I asked my alternative medicine therapist that she identified it immediately and hooked me up!

The solution is unbelievably simple: Get Humco brand Boric Acid in the powder form. You can order it on Amazon if they don't carry it at your local pharmacy. Buy empty gel caps. Put the powder in the gel caps. Boric Acid is toxic to ingest and potentially irritating to the skin so keep the powder dry why you are doing this and wash your hands and everything else thoroughly afterwards!!

Insert 1-2 small gel caps 2-3x/day into your vagina. You will notice an improvement in symptoms within a day or two! But don't stop! Continue the therapy until at least a week after you stop having symptoms!!

Make sure that you are also taking probiotics daily orally with each meal. There are liquid forms that are very effective and also tablet versions.

Stay away from sugars and carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages as much as possible during the treatment period as these will extend the suffering.

There are other effective natural treatments also worth exploring but this one is a strong remedy and should do the trick.

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