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I have a broken molar on the bottom with the nerve exposed, and after reading a lot of home remedies on here, I decided to try what my Dad did when he had a toothache. CLOVES! I found my ground cloves, and poured some onto a teaspoon. I ran the WARM water, and dipped my finger under the faucet, and let a couple drips of water fall off my fingertip, and onto the spoon with the ground cloves to form a paste. I then took some of the paste on my clean finger tip, and packed the paste into the hole in my tooth and left it there. Almost instantly, my pain went from a 20/10 down to maybe a 2 or 3/10. Might not work for everyone, but it sure worked great for me!

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Do NOT use cloves/oil of cloves UNLESS u apply directly to the affected tooth only (with a cotton bud)& then only in a emergency for short term use, cloves/oil of cloves burn the gums, I was at the dentist yesterday & asked as I had bought some but got wary after reading instructions, years ago I freely used it & I now believe this may be the root, no pun lol of my current nerve pain

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