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Well after much Research, and what sold me is a old folk song that sings of a herpes remedy.

I came to using Poke Sallot(poke weed) extract 1 fluid ounce, alcohol, oxy acne pads(black container), and a little witch hazel. Once the an Outbreak started. I wiped it down with oxy pad, and wiped the extract right on the area and drank 2 dropper full each time, 3-6 times a day till gone, every time I used bathroom, I leave extract on till dry off(oily) and let it dry off for 1hour or 2 with witch hazel or oxy pad.

Right away it stopped out break from growing, within 18 hours they were all flat and I notice one spot that looked to die under the skin and surface, maybe a week and all was gone. I drank a few droppers every few days till all gone after. that was 4 months ago, no signs of anything anymore, so far. I haven't change my diet or any of that.
Be careful ingesting poke salad, it can be dangerous. GL
What is fked up is leader in research said if they had 5 million in research funds he would have a cure in 1-2 years. That how close they are, happens poke sallot is something they using in new cure research.

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does the poke weed extract really work I just bought some if I die then oh well internets full of crap so am I nid to rid it please contact me on for the one who said about the poke weed

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