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This might seem like a long shot.

I have been getting canker sores ever since i was a young boy. Now turned 30.

I have tried most of the remedies suggested here. But none of them got me rid of the sores/ mouth ulcers. Never have I been more than 2 weeks without one of them.

Except for 2 occasions; the 2 years of my life i spent abroad. I'm from Germany.
First time was after finishing high school when i went on a trip backpacking through Australia and south-east Asia for a whole year.
Despite unhealthy diet I didn't get a canker sore on the whole trip!

Same thing occurred when i spent 1 year of college in chile. Then, during the first month i had my regular canker sores but the rest of that year none!
Even when i bit myself i wouldn't get one.
Now being back in Germany I'm getting them.

I still haven't been able figure out exactly why i was sore-free those 2 year, but I'd say IN MY CASE it had to be either for dietary, climatic or psychological reasons.

The latter one might be a key factor in causing canker sores IN ME. I have noticed on several occasions that doing stuff and being at peace with myself and my environment leads to less canker sores while losing my temper as can happen when i get into a fight with my girlfriend e.g. oftentimes has me end up with a sore.

Just my personal experience. Feel free to comment.

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