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pieter kapp

People don't believe this but I was also skeptical at first. When I lost a filling I first brushed and then took the silver of a cigarette box. Made a small ball and pushed it into the hole. I then took super glue and added a little drop onto the ball. Within 30 seconds the pain was gone. It stayed gone for over a week. I then got exposed roots. Took super glue. Pored it over the spots where the enamel was missing. It stung a little bit (5sec or less) pain gone. Lasted a month. The excess that landed on my gums and cheek came loose within minutes. This is unbelievable but this works. Try this and please let me know how happy you are after trying this

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I have used super glue many times, But the the only problem with it is when it does come loose, it pulls the broken/decaying part of the tooth off with it.


The silver of the cigarette pack is brilliant but super glue isn't safe to put in your mouth. I took the cig aluminum and put small pieces into a small square and folded them up and stuck it in my open tooth and helped almost instantly


The cigarette one made it worse for me idk what to do at this point the pain is eeven running to the right side of my temple was chewing a piece of bubble gum and heard a crunch sound then boom theres the pain i just want it to go away so i can fall asleep:(


Was at the ER. Got an antibiotic and pain pills. Found no relief until I put the super glue on it. Instant relief. Now just hope I don't get poisoned. lol


The cigarette one works!!!!!! Omg I was in so much pain I cracked my back tootg with the nerve exposed and I couldnt stand the pain...this was a great idea for a temporary fix til I find a dentist


Please be aware that using super glue in this form can cause mouth cancer. If you think your tooth pain is bad now, consider multiplying that by one hundred. Please do not do this ever.


Try coating the bad tooth with clear Nail polish. It really works.

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