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Cold sore sufferer

I have been dealing with the cold sores for as long as I can remember! For years I only used abreva, that works okay, but would take 5 or more days to make my cold sore go away completely!! I am extremely embarrassed when I have a outbreak so that timeframe just wasn't cutting it!! I started to google different ways to get rid of the cold sores fast and decided to try some and here is what I have found to be the best! January 2nd I went to bed with Chapstick on, for me that is a HUGE NO NO!! anytime I sleep with Chapstick I ALWAYS wake up the next morning with a huge cold sore! This one was already at the blister stage when I woke up, So as soon as I got up I went and got Peroxide and soked it in a cotton ball, popped the blister and stuck the cotton ball on my sore for a few minutes. After I did that I put my abreva on and let it sit on there for probably 2 or so hours. I did that off and on all day. Before I went to bed that night I got a cotton ball and put dial soap on it and ran it under hot water and lathered it up and washed my open blisters very well, after washing the soap off I soaked another cotton ball in the Peroxide for a few minutes and let it air dry. Once it was dry I put toothpaste on my sore and slept with it on all night. I got up in the morning January 3rd (around 9am) I went and got a cotton ball and put some dial soap on it and lathered it up and washed my lip very well, after rinsing the soap off I got a paper towel and dried my lip. I went and got my nail polish remover and soaked a cotton ball and put the cotton ball to my lip and held it there until the burning stopped (it burns pretty bad so this isn't that fun!) after that I waited until the nail polish remover dried, then I put a little bit of hand sanitizer with aloe on the cold sores and waited until that dried. Once it was dry I put vitamin E oil on my open blisters and would repeat this process over again once I felt like all the vitamin E oil was all soaked in. It is still January 3rd around 7pm and my cold sore looks 85% better!! I have no more blisters and no scabs just some normal end of the cold sores redness!!! This is by far the fastest my cold sores have ever started to heal!!! I will for sure be doing this routine whenever I get my cold sores!!!

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