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I'm 25. I had my top left wisdom tooth pulled last year, but the other three couldn't be pulled because they weren't even close to erupting yet. Within the last year my top right has fully grown in without any pain, it isn't straight, but isn't impacted either. It's just grown in pointing slightly outward. And my bottom left tooth hasn't shown any signs of eruption yet.

Anyways, my bottom right wisdom tooth starting erupting through the gum line a few weeks ago. The pain has been unbearable. It's coming in pretty straight, I can just see the gum line receding across it. That part of the gum is the source of my pain, which leads me to believe the horrible pain I'm having is simply teething.

To help with the pain, I tried Chloraseptic sore throat spray, which helps for only minutes. Swishing with Warm salt water helped for a little while, less than an hour. Swishing with hydrogen peroxide and mouth wash only helped for a few minutes. I tried taking some OTC pain killers, which didn't really do anything.

The two things that have really helped so far and this green tea detox drink I brew and ice. The tea is green tea, cinnamon, lemon, all spice, and honey. After drinking it, the pain subsided from a 8 to a 4. Later on, I tried ice in plastic ziploc bag on the side of my jaw line, which helped. While doing this, I decided to take out one of the ice cubes and place it directly on my gum where I'm teething.... IT WORKED. It's been 30mins now and the pain is almost gone.

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