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Georgia x

Use lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. Mix it together to make a pste then with a price of cotton wall dab it on your teeth, or use your tooth brush, get good amount and brush it on tour teeth. Leave it on for no longer than two minuets then rinse it off with water. Hope it goes well. Good luck👌

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Avoid using acids (lemon juice) as they damage the enamel of the teeth much more than any other substance.


How any times do you do it in a week?

Dr. Jon

Don't do this lemon juice is really bad for your teeth and breaks down the anamol and could give you even more caveties


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Shoot, who would have thohugt that it was that easy?


Hello all,Miss Georgia submitted a good way to whiten and I find if you add a dollop of toothpaste along with the suggested ingd.It adheres to your teeth therefore allowing you to keep the mix on for longer periods.I am sorry Georgia if you took offence to my addition as I truly was not trying to insult you.Good luck and happy whitening all.

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