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This site has been so helpful! I appreciate all the advice on here, was diagnosed 2 weeks and finally after the most excruiating thing I have experienced my sores are finally starting to heal. Drinking tons of water really saved me to help with urinating and I was pain free but I drunk tons of water constantly! My period is coming however and I'm just wondering how do you care for the sores while menstruating? I know it's important to keep the sores dry but thts nearly impossible! All advice is appreciated, thanks soo much!!

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I'm wondering the same thing.


I haven't been officially diagnosed but lm pretty sure I have HSV 2 bc I had my first outbreak last week and I think I'm coming to the end of it (fingers crossed). This first OB was horrible! It definitely has caused emotional, psychological and of course physical strain on me.

The fourth day of my OB I got my period and I though 'great this is just what I need!' I didn't know what I should do either bc I had been reading that it was important to keep the area dry, but that's impossible with a period. My periods are the worse too bc they last for a week and they are really heavy. I'm coming up to the end of my period, thank goodness.

What I had to do was take Epsom salt baths 2-4 times a day (I had to take sick leave for a whole week from work). This helped with keeping it clean. After my bath, I'd use wet paper towels and gently dab any excess blood off. I'd have uterus lining shedding in clumps that would get stuck so I'd have to use a Q-tip to essentially lodge them out. After cleaning my area, I'd dab either tea tree oil diluted with Olive oil with a cotton swab on the sores or I'd use Q-tips to rub on the acyclovir cream. After all that, I'd use a maxi pad.

There's no way to keep yourself dry while on your period so the only thing you can do is make sure you keep it clean and wear a pad. I wasn't able to use a tampon bc I feared I'd spread the sores when inserting the tampon, and the pain was just too unbearable to try to attempt a tampon.

As for sleeping, I tried sleeping on my side and it would be okay until I had to get up and the blood would touch the sores and it was a horrible stinging. I'd also stack my pillows (3 large ones, 2 medium ones) and I'd sleep with stomach down as if I were in a position to do a girl push up. This helped me sleep well.

I was prescribed Acyclovir in both pill and cream. I've also been taking L-Lysine (1000 mg three times daily) and Ibuprofen when needed for the pain.

Having an OB while on your period is tough but it's manageable. You can do it and it'll be over soon enough. Good luck!

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