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HI girls!! First I want to say that although I am saddened that you are all suffering from this, at the same time it makes me feel better that I am not alone in this!!! I have been suffering from BV for 6 months and have tried flaygl and clinda both oral and gel forms over and over again. I think that the worst part of dealing with BV is the effect it has had on my mood, confidence and pure vaginal discomfort it has created. I just finished a 10 day course of oral clinda and have been taking Femdophilus probiotic and my symptoms have already returned. I plan to ask my doctor for boric acid which is inserted into the vagina. Other things I have tried is inserting Vitamin C caplets at night and this created a very water and yellow discharge for me and did not seem to help. Just reading through this forum has brought me hope that there are other things available to try. I am going to add folic acid 400 mcg to my diet as well. Its so very true that what works for one person will not necessarily be the cure for another. Stay strong ladies and know that there is hope! I will let you all know how the boric acid works.

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Kinda scary, how do you donit? Just
Push it up there?

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