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So I cracked my molar on the right top side about 4 months sent me away saying that it should hold out for a while....???? go figure. Anyway, tonight is new years eve and my head feels like a big aching pumpkin. Tried brushing all afternoon with Sensodyne toothpaste, but only minimal relief. Toot a Panadiene Forte for strong pain...but the excruciating aching persistrd...Then took the advice of an earlier post and took a mouthful of Absolute Vodka....Holding and swishing it around the offending tooth for about 40 second....Geez does that hurt. But my pain sibsided very quickly...and the throbbing has virtually stopped all together. Needless to say, I wont be partying tonight....but shall put myself to bed with my Absolute Vodka on the night stand just in case.

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right on I had a horrible toothache and due to the news years holdiay couldn't get to a dentist . the pain was excrutiating. I took advil but it would wear off so I followed your advice and in the hours between the times I could take the advil I took a swig of absolut vodka and held it in my mouth for about a minute It helped relieve the pain thank you


Oh my god thank you for this. Not sure how long the relief will last but may have to take a tot of Vodka to bed with me and to work tomorrow, although what the parents at my Pre-School will think!!!
Liz x

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