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if your are bleeding alot or for a long time (more than7 days at a time) i would go to the doc my mom started out bleeding normal and over a three year period she went from normal to 15 days of bvleeding with only 1 week break and was finly put in the hospitol for low iron and when the doc found out what was going on he ran some tests and found that she had cervicol cancer and needed a full histeractimy and if she would have gone in when thay started getin erregular thay would have ben able to just get rid of the little area

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For several years I had prolonged and heavy menstral cycles.i kept to myself and my husband, I finally went in and told my doctor who ordered a vaganl ultra sound and I found I had fibroids. My doctor did not think anything else needed to be done. So after another year I went back to an old OB/GYN that delivered my 4th child and told her office what was going on. They told me to come in for some blood work then sent me for another Ultra Sound. I was told to go back to ny Doctor and wait. I got to her office and she said to my husband and I that she was waiting for a call from the hospital because my counts were so low I might need a transfusion. Luckly I did not, but I did have to have a Hysterectomy one month fibroids had gotten much larger and were the cause of the heavy bleeding. It was not fun for a year I had to be watched over because of this. Do not take heavy bleeding, lightly something else could be drastically wrong. If your tired all the time, no energy, chewing on ice, pail you need to be checked out. The first doctor I fired them for not checking into things further.

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