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I was fifteen when I got cradle cap, my hair was long and it pulled at my scalp which made it really sensitive and I remember having to lower the pressure on the shower head because the water would hurt it as well. At first I didn't do anything because I thought if I didn't bother it that it would eventually heal, but that wasn't the case. I stopped putting conditioner on my scalp and just shampooed it while rubbing it in. I also applied coconut oil as well then picked off the yellow scales as much as I could. I did this twice and now it's gone and my scalp feels so much better. It's just a layer of dry skin it seems that just needs to be moistened then it can be washed out easier. I would leave the coconut oil in all day for as long as I could them washed it with a strong shampoo so all the oil came out but there will still be flakes in your hair when it dries, they will eventually fall out.

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