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I have had RLS for about 10 years. I am currently taking Requip and for two years worked like a charm. Not I am on here looking for home remedies. I am desperate for a nights sleep. I have read from using a bar of soap to rubbing Vick's on my legs. I am so confused where to start and what to try first.

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michael marcus

I have RLS, taking Requip. does not help. on dialysis for 12 years. taking a lot of meds.


The soap didn't work for me,I haven't tried the vicks but that doesn't smell the greastest. lol


I have tried the bar of soap and the Vicks and neither worked for me. I am also on requip but doesn't seem to be working. I am on (2)4 mg and I am miserable as I speak.
PS I have also tried tonic water I am not sure if it's that but maybe,and it made it worse. I need something that's works please someone help......


I'm trying every med so, and no luck. I've wrapped a heated pad on my thigh and that has given some relief.


Re quip is a type of medication that augments, meaning that the rls/wed symptoms get worse after awhile. There is a new medication approved by the FDA called Horizant. It's Gabapentin enacarbil. Horizant isn't the generic so now I just get Gabapentin. Either one works great for me and they do not augment. I found the recommendation on the RLS Foundation website. Hopes this helps.


be careful of the Requip. My life right now is a mess do to gambling addiction. Searching for new remedy.

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