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Linda Bu

anal abscess
I just read this website and it is such a wonder that I did. It's the Christmas season and I think this website is the Santa Claus to me, a 47 year old woman with ulceratic colitis, which is under control by my VSL #3 and Psyllum remedy. however I ate a big meal right before Christmas and got an anal abscess the right next day. My doctor is on vacation and I am just too embarrassed to go to the emergency room to let a stranger (although a kind-hearted stranger, without a doubt) to look at my butt. I almost thought about lance it myself, but I am such a coward and the little touch of the sharp edge on my skin freaked me out. So here I am at 8 o'clock today I found this website and it is a life saver to me. I am doing exactly the tea tree oil + turmeric+baking powder ( I have no baking soda)paste right now. As soon as I applied, it feels instantly better. I am waiting to see the result now. Thank you Santa Claus. From now on, I will share my natural remedy experience with others too, hoping that I can bring some cure to somebody in need. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can hardly type since the pungent smell is making me a little dizzy.

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