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low threshhold

I have a chipped molar, and once in a while, that area or other areas will hurt. I would usually brush the area with Sonicare toothbrush for 10-15 minutes, concentrating on the painful area. Today, I used the Sonicare several times, but it only helped for a few minutes at a time. I took two Ibuprofen, only helped for a bit. I took two more Ibuprofen, and it only helped for just a bit more. I then took two aspirins, and the pain subsided for almost an hour. Since I didn't want to take any more pain relieving pills, I remembered that drinking coffee helped my migraine headaches. I then drank two cups of coffee, and the pain went away. I'm sure the coffee worked on the pain in addition to the Ibuprofen and aspirin pills.

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